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September Meeting Program

Coast Station KSM and the Maritime Radio Historical Society
by Richard Dillman W6AWO
Meeting date: Wednesday, September 9, 2015

KSM is the coast station of the MRHS whose goal is to honor and commemorate the men and women who made the profession of radiotelegrapher one of honor and skill. To do this, the station strives to preserve their skills and traditions through actual use at a real coast station.

Richard W6AWO will explain the operation of the station, its geography, history and current activities.

SAVE THE DATE: Special October Meeting

The Origins of Silicon Valley: Roots in Ham Radio
by Paul Wesling, KM6LH
Fellow of the IEEE, Hewlett-Packard (retired)
Meeting date: Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why did Silicon Valley come into being? The story goes back to local Hams trying to break RCA's tube patents, the sinking of the Titanic, Naval ship communications requirements, World War I, Fred Terman and Stanford University, local invention of high- power tubes (gammatron, klystron), WW II and radar, William Shockley's mother living in Palo Alto, and the SF Bay Area infrastructure that developed these factors pretty much determined that the semiconductor and IC industries would be located in the Santa Clara Valley.

Paul Wesling, KM6LH, an IEEE/CPMT Society Distinguished Lecturer, will give an exciting and colorful history of device technology development and innovation that began in San Francisco and Palo Alto in 1910, moved down the Peninsula (seeking lower costs and better housing), and ended up in the Santa Clara Valley during and following World War II. You'll meet some of the colorful characters -- Lee DeForest, 'Doc' Herrold, Bill Eitel, Charles Litton, Fred Terman, David Packard, Bill Hewlett, Sigurd Varian and others -- who came to define worldwide electronics industries through their inventions and process development. This is an updated version of his talk given at the ARRL Centennial Convention in Hartford, CT in July 2014.

Location: Boulevard Cafe & Grill
        1096 Petaluma Blvd North
        Petaluma, CA.

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Time: 6pm Social hour, 7pm Dinner/Program

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Founded in 1980, the Redwood Empire DX Association is an Amateur Radio Club dedicated to DX (contacting other radio amateurs over long distances) and contests (on the air events where radio amateurs attempt to contact as many other hams over a fixed time period). Membership interests range from 160 meter DXing to VHF/UHF contesting. REDXA membership is open to all licensed Radio Amateurs. However, visitors are cordially invited to attend our meetings.

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